Our Mission

The Hike Life’s mission is to bring the transformative power of nature to everyone. This mission drives us to unite a community of hikers throughout our spectacular countryside. We do this by connecting people, by respecting old paths and forging new ones, by embracing the traditional hospitality of shared meals, by sharing visions for the environmental future, by caring for and looking out for each other. We are committed to finding the greatest guides and best landscape historians to accompany us safely and knowledgeably on our journeys through unspoilt horizons. We ensure our hiking leaves no negative trace on the countryside we love.

The Hike Life clothing range unites us in harmony with the great outdoors. We are creating exciting and colourful hiking clothes because hikers asked for them. They are part of our mission to encourage more people to walk together. We believe we can make a positive impact on our community. We create performance-facing outdoor wear, which will brighten any mountainside and will help hikers face the uncertain elements.

The Hike Life’s mission is to be inclusive, diverse, fun and fair. Our clothing range has been set up as a cost-covering project, to cover the costs of the free Hikes that the Hike Life runs.
As we progress, the Hike Life will align itself with the highest environmental goals and with the best interests of our community of hikers. We are committed to listening to our community and to grow and develop as our wonderful community grows. We will always put our best foot forward and we promise to wait for anyone who finds the going a bit tough. The mountain top is always only over the next hill!

The Hike Life