Our Events

Since Early October 2018 we have been running hiking meet ups to introduce people to new trails, give you guys a friend to explore with and help people find their feet to start their hiking journey. From beginner hikes to Irelands highest peaks we’ve conquered over 25 trails and raised funds for local charities and initiatives wherever we are. The events are FREE to join via our sign-up page here (Eventbrite) with a cap limit of 100 people per hike to keep hiker guide ratio safe. We ask for a small donation on the day to a charity in that area of whatever you can. Due to COVID all live events are postponed until it’s safe to resume. My priority with these events were always to be fun, adventurous, to get off your phones and meet new people but also the safety of everyone who comes. While the events are postponed I highly recommend you follow the Instagram @thehikelife where I share easy to follow guides on my favourite trails to get you out exploring.