Pre-Hike Checklist

Pre-Hike Checklist

This is my checklist before setting off for my hiking trip. Whether I’m hiking solo or with friends, I try to follow these practical steps for safety. This post doesn’t look at what to pack for the hike but if you’re interested in what I bring hiking check out my hiking bag essentials here.




Share your live location with a family member or WhatsApp group you trust

A simple tap of a button can help people locate you easily, make sure it’s set up to “share live location” so it will continue to share until you request it to stop. 


Inform a family member or friend of your route & timings

This is so they know what time to expect you home and in case of emergencies know where to find you.


Check weather forecast and sunset times

It’s really important to be dressed appropriately for the conditions and be mindful of nightfall.


Research the route you plan on taking

  1. To make sure its manageable for your fitness levels
  2. To ensure you leave in enough time to be back before dark
  3. Ensure you have correct equipment needed for this type of trail
  4. If there is parking available /parking fee
  5. If it’s dog friendly, if you plan on bringing your dog 


Check all your gear is working

Any tools you plan on using like torches, compass, portable charges check items are fully powered and functioning.


Car keys /phone are in a secure compartment for hiking

Always make sure you have a safe, secure, and waterproof spot for car keys and phone, as someone who has lost a phone hiking. Zip up!


Spare socks/clothes for your return car journey

Never underestimate a change of clothes after a hike to help you feel warm and revived before driving home.


Make sure your phone battery is fully charged before setting off

Charge it up the night before, even if you carry a portable charger your phone batter can strain by using tracking apps, taking photos and videos and the cold so try leave with 90% or more.


Lastly my hiking bag essentials here


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